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Download the Complete PDF. Begin Reading Now. Download the PDF. Suggested Themes and Topics for Future Editions. In this third and final article in a series on mission command, the former commander of U. Army Training and Doctrine Command and his fellow authors discuss the importance of training to instill disciplined initiative and enable mission command, and ultimately, to build ready and lethal combat units.

Three Perspectives on Consolidating Gains. The commander of the U.

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Army Combined Arms Center and his fellow authors demonstrate how, by considering the perspective of each level of warfare—tactical, operational, and strategic—one may better understand how echelons and their subordinate formations consolidate gains in mutually supporting and interdependent ways.

An extract from the most recent Department of Defense report on the diverse security threats posed by China. The commander of U. Army Pacific discusses China and the role of the Army in dealing with Chinese activities in the Pacific theater.

How Long Should a Military Investigation Last?

We must not misunderstand the Chinese approach to warfare, according to this senior intelligence officer. The conflict China is waging with the United States has put it in a positional advantage that, if left unchecked, will allow it to dominate in terms of diplomatic, intelligence, military, and economic power by Two scholars contrast the differences in the use of cyber power between the United States and China.

An extract from an FBI transcript where Wray discusses how China has pioneered a societal approach to stealing innovations using Chinese intelligence services, state-owned enterprises, private companies, graduate students and researchers at U.

Photo by Imaginechina via Associated Press. InChinese Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui published this work outlining proposed Chinese strategy for defeating enemies that were technologically more advanced than China.

This book is believed by many to reflect the core underpinnings of the strategy China is employing to assert hegemony Asia and the Pacific. A Russian expert details one program initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase patriotism among Russian youth, and make service in the Russian military more attractive and respected.The full code is available to consult online in detail.

Here is an index of its chapters, with links or explanations and in-depth exploration of the most popular queries about the UCMJ. Apprehension is defined as the taking of a person into custody.

Authorized personnel can apprehend persons if they have a reasonable belief that an offense has been committed by the person they are apprehending. This article also allows commissioned officers, warrant officers, petty officers, and noncommissioned officers to quell quarrels, frays and disorders.

This short article protects military personnel from punishment before a trial, other than arrest or confinement. This article regulates what a commanding officer may do to hear of offenses committed by those under his or her command and impose a punishment. More: Article This article provides protection for military personnel against being required to provide self-incriminating evidence, statements or testimony.

Personnel must be informed of the nature of the accusation and advised of their rights before interrogation, similar to civilian Miranda rights.

They can't be compelled to make a statement that could be degrading if it is not material to the case. Any statements or evidence obtained in violation of Article 31 cannot be received into evidence against the person in a trial by court-martial.

This article spells out the purpose, limits and manner of investigations leading to charges and referrals to trial by court-martial. An investigation must be done to determine whether charges are truthful and to recommend what charges should be brought.

The accused can cross-examine witnesses and request his own witnesses for examination. The accused has the right to see the statement of the substance of the testimony from both sides if it is forwarded. If the investigation was conducted before charges were brought, the accused has the right to demand further investigation and can recall witnesses for cross-examination and bring new evidence.

This article allows for the military judge to call the court into sessions without the presence of members for specific purposes. These include hearing and determining motions, defenses and objections, holding arraignment and receiving pleas, and other procedural functions. The proceedings are part of the record and attended by the accused, defense counsel and trial counsel. Further, during deliberations and voting, only the members may be present. All other proceedings must be conducted in the presence of the accused, defense counsel, trial counsel and the military judge.

This article sets out the statute of limitations for various levels of offense. There is no time limitation for any offense punishable by death, including absence without leave or missing movement in time of war.

A general rule is a limit of five years from when the offense was committed until charges are brought. The limit for offenses under section Article 15 is two years before the imposition of punishment.

Military Justice Summary - October 2020

Time spent fleeing from justice or eluding the authority of the United States is excluded from the limitation period. Time periods are adjusted for times of war. More: Military Statute of Limitations. This article outlines the serious offense of desertion, which is punishable death if it is committed in time of war.

More: Article 85 - Desertion. This article reads, "Any person subject to this chapter who through neglect or design misses the movement of a ship, aircraft, or unit with which he is required in the course of duty to move shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

This article allows court-martial for any warrant officer or enlisted member who assaults, willfully disobeys a lawful order from, or treats with contempt verbally or in deportment a warrant officer, petty officer or non-commissioned officer while the officer is in execution of his office. More: Article Insubordinate Conduct. This article allows court-martial for violating or failing to obey any lawful general order or regulation or any other lawful order issued by any member of the armed forces he had a duty to obey.

It also allows court-martial for being derelict in performance of duties.The American presence on Polish soil plays a key role in safeguarding the West against the Kremlin's hostilities. Hopefully, the brave men and women who volunteered to fight the global war on terror will be able be elected to the highest There are signs of a possible Islamic State comeback as the group exploits security gaps widened by a year of protests.

Get the latest on pay updates, benefit changes and award-winning military content. Right in your inbox. View more newsletters on our Subscriptions page. A small percentage of medical personnel and top DoD officials are expected to be the first to receive the vaccine. Military pay deposits for thousands of troops who typically receive their checks several days early were delayed after the While also getting a base pay raise in January, most military members will see their pay go down -- temporarily.

military article summary of

The Army has suspended a battalion commander and command sergeant major in South Korea while an investigation is being Durwood "Hawk" Jones. A collaboration between Gravity Industries, which has developed and patented a brake horsepower Jet Suit, and the Great The female mannequin can help train medics in anatomical differences as women make up a growing percentage of the military.

The U. Air Force just flew an artificial intelligence system acting as a pilot's sidekick on the U-2 Dragonlady The program will pair a drone guided by artificial intelligence with a human piloting a fighter jet.

Sirens sounded on the base's loudspeaker system, with the warning: "Aerial attack, aerial attack, seek cover, seek cover.

military article summary of

More Marine units will see their decades-old amphibious assault vehicles upgraded after a new deal was struck. Crews aboard the San Diego-based aircraft carrier began search-and-rescue efforts Thursday morning.

military article summary of

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Was Your Military Pay Delayed? Here's What Happened Military pay deposits for thousands of troops who typically receive their checks several days early were delayed after the Here's Why While also getting a base pay raise in January, most military members will see their pay go down -- temporarily.

Latest Military Videos.The Code of Conduct CoC is the legal guide for the behavior of military members who are captured by hostile forces. If you are considering joining the military, you will be required to memorize this verbatim during your time in boot camp, basic trainingService Academy, ROTC, and OCS initial military training.

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The Code of Conduct, in six brief Articles, addresses those situations and decision areas that, to some degree, all military personnel could encounter. It includes basic information useful to U. POWs in their efforts to survive honorably while resisting their captor's efforts to exploit them to the advantage of the enemy's cause and their own disadvantage. Article I - I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.

A member of the Armed Forces has a duty to support U.


Medical personnel and chaplains are obligated to abide by the provisions of the CoC; however, their special retained status under the Geneva Conventions grants them some flexibility in its implementation. What Military Personnel Need to Know : Past experience of captured Americans reveals that honorable survival in captivity requires that a service member possesses a high degree of dedication and motivation.

Maintaining these qualities requires knowledge of and a strong belief in the following:. Under the Geneva Conventionsmedical personnel who are exclusively engaged in the medical service of their armed forces and chaplains who fall into the hands of the enemy are "retained personnel" and are not POWs.

military article summary of

While this allows them the latitude and flexibility necessary to perform their professional duties, it does not relieve them of their obligation to abide by the provisions of the CoC. Like all members of the Armed Forces, medical personnel and chaplains are accountable for their actions.

If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. Explanation : Members of the military are not to surrender voluntarily. Individually or as a group, when isolated and no longer able to fight the enemy or defend themselves, it is their duty to evade capture and rejoin the nearest friendly force.

I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy. Contrary to the Geneva Conventions, enemies whom U. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades.Skip to main content Press Enter.

Home News Article Display. The member received a reduction to Senior Airman and a reprimand. The member received a suspended reduction to Senior Airman and a reprimand. The member received a reduction to Airman First Class, extra duty for 17 days, and a reprimand. The member received a reduction to Airman. The member received a reduction to Airman and a reprimand. The member received a suspended reduction to Airman, restriction to base for 30 days, extra duty for 30 days, and a reprimand.

The member received a reduction to Airman Basic, extra duty for 30 days, and restriction to base for 45 days. The member received a suspended reduction to Airman. Nonjudicial punishment is ordinarily appropriate when administrative corrective measures are inadequate due to the nature of the minor offense or the record of the service member, unless it is clear only trial by court-martial will meet the needs of justice and discipline. Nonjudicial punishment shall be considered on an individual basis.

A commander who is considering a case for disposition under nonjudicial punishment will exercise personal discretion in evaluating each case, both as to whether nonjudicial punishment is appropriate, and, if so, as to the nature and amount of punishment appropriate. If you wish to comment, use the text box below. AF reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

This is a moderated forum. That means all comments will be reviewed before posting. In addition, we expect that participants will treat each other, as well as our agency and our employees, with respect. We will not post comments that contain abusive or vulgar language, spam, hate speech, personal attacks, violate EEO policy, are offensive to other or similar content. We will not post comments that are spam, are clearly "off topic", promote services or products, infringe copyright protected material, or contain any links that don't contribute to the discussion.To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval forces ".

Effective upon its ratification inArticle I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution provided that Congress has the power to regulate the land and naval forces.

Discipline in the sea services was provided under the Articles for the Government of the United States Navy commonly referred to as Rocks and Shoals.

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The Articles of War evolved during the first half of the twentieth century and were amended in and InCongress substantially reformed the Articles pursuant to the Selective Service Act ofbut its naval counterpart remained little changed.

The military justice system continued to operate under the Articles of War and Articles for the Government of the Navy until 31 Maywhen the Uniform Code of Military Justice came into effect. Truman the next day.

It took effect on 31 May The word uniform in the Code's title refers to its consistent application to all the armed services in place of the earlier Articles of War, Articles of Government, and Disciplinary Laws of the individual services. The UCMJ, the Rules for Courts-Martial the military analogue to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedureand the Military Rules of Evidence the analogue to the Federal Rules of Evidence have evolved since their implementation, often paralleling the development of the federal civilian criminal justice system.

In some ways, the UCMJ has been ahead of changes in the civilian criminal justice system. For example, a rights-warning statement similar to the Miranda warnings and required in more contexts than in the civilian world where it is applicable only to custodial interrogation was required by Art. Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v.

Supreme Court only guaranteed the provision of counsel to indigents in Gideon v. Additionally, the role of what was originally a court-martial's non-voting "law member" developed into the present office of military judge whose capacity is little different from that of an Article III judge in a U.

The current version of the UCMJ is printed in the latest edition of the Manual for Courts-Martialincorporating changes made by the President executive orders and National Defense Authorization Acts of and If the trial results in a conviction, the case is reviewed by the convening authority — the commanding officer who referred the case for trial by court-martial. If the sentence, as approved by the convening authority, includes death, a bad conduct dischargea dishonorable dischargedismissal of an officer, or confinement for one year or more, the case is reviewed by an intermediate court.

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However, commissioned members of the NOAA and PHSas uniformed servicesare only subject to the UCMJ when attached or detailed to a military unit by competent orders, or when militarized by Presidential executive order during a national emergency or declaration of war. Navy, are subject to the UCMJ when they are:.These links are directly to the publisher site. For non-NPS users, please check with your organization to determine if you have access.

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This is an official U. Naval Postgraduate School. Dudley Knox Library. Search this Guide Search. Military Publications. Defense Magazines This is a list of popular military magazines and journals. Selected Commercial Journals These links are directly to the publisher site. Civil Wars. Comparative Strategy.

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Critical Military Studies. Critical Studies on Security.

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Critical Studies on Terrorism. Defence Studies. Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

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International Peacekeeping. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. Journal of Military Ethics.